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Black screen in HP Lo-100 virtual kvm on 3.7.6 kernels [FIX]

Updated some HP Proliant-Server to a 3.7.6 Kernel. After booting, all was fine except that the Java KVM tool showed just a black login screen. To fix this, force the kernel to boot in textmode only: edit /etc/grub.conf and remove … Weiterlesen

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Sieve vacation plugin: discarding vacation response for message implicitly delivered to [FIX]

This message shows up in the log when sieve vacation is enabled for an account but the mail was addressed to an alias rather than to the original address. This behaviour is not a bug, it’s an RFC (which in … Weiterlesen

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netvault 101

Description: Running nvjobdelete on a scheduled job returns the error ‚Failed to delete job xxx: Job is active‘ Netvaults knowledgebase article 79982: The problem comes from the user login. Make sure the login user is part of the correct Group … Weiterlesen

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